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Getting Ready For Christmas
Thursday - December 18  at 7:00 PM MST

We have special presents for you!

Guest Speakers

Holly Hansen
Family History Expos

Announces NEW series of  Genealogy Webinars

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Paul Larsen

Introduces his new book and offers a special Christmas discount on Crash Course in Family History

Special Offers

Special Discounts when you use coupon codes offered at the webinar

Free Christmas Card Template

See information below to download the free template and watch the recorded webinar.

Webinar Content
  • Grandpa Schuldt teaches grandsons how to play marbles. I will share how I made a simple little video to go along with the marbles my grandsons will be getting for Christmas.(Please don't tell them). Grandma Schuldt will be doing the same thing with 'Pick Up Sticks' for the granddaughters. Some things never get too old to be shared and handed down!!

  • Move photos and video off your phone or camera before they are lost. You will be taking photos, videos and recording audio stories during the holidays. Learn how to get the photos, videos and audio files off your camera or phone and into Heritage Collector.

  • Learn how to make a Christmas Card. You can print, or share via e-mail. So it's not too late to send your cards out  even if you wait until late as as December 24th. Just think about saving the cost of that expensive postage and cost for cards! Best of all, this will be a personalized way to share a real special Christmas greeting from your family.
  • Family Newsletter. How to create and send a family newsletter via e-mail. This is really easy and something you can do at the last minute if you are out of time. You can still do it and save on postage.
  • Geek Technology Tidbit - I'm going to show you a panorama I made with my phone . . . FUN!

  • Guest Presentations. I've known Holly and Paul for many years. In fact we are good friends! I was thrilled when they agreed to spend a few minutes during our webinar to offer some tips and share some of their latest accomplishments and how this information can help us.

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Learn how to create a Christmas Card you can share this year!

 New Webinars - Coming Soon!

Soaring to New Heights

January 2015

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January 8th
7:00 PM MDT
Getting Started With Heritage Collector Part 1

By Marlo Schuldt, President - LifeStory Productions

  • Using the new 'How To' Movies.
  • Importing photos.
  • Using the Sort collection to import photos.
  • Creating collections and folders.
  • Adding captions and descriptions to photos.
  • Organizing and moving photos.
  • Changing photo order in collections.

January 15th
7:00 PM MDT
NEW!  Scandinavian Genealogy Research

By Holly Hanson, President - Family History Expos

  • Learn about the records, locations, and strategies that are most important to document Scandinavian families.
  • Focus will be on the most important fundamental sources and strategies needed to accurately prove a Scandinavian genealogy.
8:00 PM MDT
January 22nd 2015

Converting / Editing  and Sharing Old Movies

Special Guest - Tom Perry - Digital Media Expert and Owner of The Multimedia Centers

Wondering what do do with your old movies and VHS tapes?

  • What's new in digital conversion technology.
  • Common mistakes and things to avoid.
  • The best ways to convert and preserve.
  • Fun ways to share your old movies using Heritage Collector.
  • Using old movies, videos and sound in family history.
  • Special offers and discounts.
7:00 PM MDT
January 29th

Making Photos, Storybook Pages and Calendars INTERACTIVE
By Marlo Schuldt, President - LifeStory Productions

  • Adding audio and video to hot spots.
  • Storybook page with interactive sound and video.
  • Text Hot Spots.
  • Audio Hot Spots.
  • Video Hot Spots.
  • Using Hot Spots to label photos.
  • Using QR Codes.
  • Questions and Answers.

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