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Sometimes we feel like we need the powers of a superhero to use a computer, deal with photos and video and to conquer family history!

Cooperation - Working Together as a SUPERHERO TEAM!

Over the years we have managed to create a superhero team of Marlo, Holly, and Tom. We have each devoted our lives to developing specific skills, talents and knowledge that solves problems and also makes family history fun. Recently we have come together to as a team to help smooth out the rough patches in your family history journey.

Holly Hansen, president of Family History Expos is celigrating the 15th year anniversary of her pioneering efforts to bring classes, family history experts, and specialized books to the people and genealogy researchers who needed more help and information.


Holly has recently created another pioneering task of creating a vast online library of new books, classes, the latest technology designed to enhance the success of your family history research efforts.

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Tom Perry used to work in Hollywood.  In 1973 Tom decided he wanted to do more with his multimedia and digital technology skills than help make movies. Tom invested his time, talents, and resources to create the TMC The Mulitmedia Centers. Tom can help you with your old movies, audio cassettes, records and other media need to be converted and preserved.

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