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We've learned a lot about genealogical research over the years. Things to do and things not to do!


Let us teach you some easy ways to take the frustration out of your research efforts.

From the Experts

Importance of the Family Group Record

Click here to go to Family History Expos to download  the forms and to learn some new things to enhance your research efforts.

Timeline - Find / fill in

missing information

These forms will create a solid foundation from which all your research should be conducted.


Using these forms will help you see missing and incorrect information, save time by not repeating the same research, record places where more information may be found, give you ideas where to look for additional information and much more.


These forms along with ALL your other genealogical research data can be stored in Heritage Collector to create a family history archive. This will make it easier to keep your information with you while doing research. You will also be able to find and compare records in seconds!

The importance of these three genealogy research forms can not be stressed enough!

 Using a Research Log



The features and functions shown above come with the Heritage Collector System.









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