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Old Silent Movies?

Using Old Home Movies

True story.  I had an old home movie my mother had taken of my dad bragging about a recent fishing trip in the early 1960's.


I had Tom at TMC convert and digitally enhance all our old home movies. The result was astoundingly excellent.


The movie was interesting but without sound no one would really understand what my dad was bragging about.


I had the idea. I'd edit the new video clip and add sound. I was there so I became my dad's voice and explained what was happening in the old movie. What a great way for the kids to get to know they great grandpa!


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Remember watching old home movies and VHS tapes?

Now You can watch them on your big screen TV!


Using Video & Sound

Phone GPS. Photos taken with a smartphone with the location setting turned on will save the GPS coordinates of the photo location within the photo file. The GPS module that comes with Heritage Collector can then display the photo and show the GPS tags on satellite maps. You can print and share maps via a paper print or PDF. This makes it easy to find graves, study the location of an old homestead, grandma and grandpa's old home, or places you have taken photos on a vacation.


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Tag and find places of interest to your family



The features and functions shown above come with the Heritage Collector System.









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The Heritage Collector System

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