The Heritage Collector System

GPS Tagging

Tagging and associating GPS coordinates with the geographic location of photos, farms, old homes, cemeteries, and other family history sites bring all the element of family history together.

GPS Global Positioning System


GPS Family History

Heritage has a GPS module that may be used to add and display GPS coordinates to photos, videos, audios, and documents such as PDFs.


You can also print GPS maps and share PDFs that contain GPS coordinates.


You do not have to use this module but it will always be available for use in the future will all your files.

Pictures taken with a smartphone automatically appear with tags on satellite maps in Heritage Collector.

GPS Enhances Family History

 Photos copied into Heritage Collector  automatically display photo locations on satellite maps and help you create maps.

Use GPS to Tag, Mark Locations , create Maps, and make it easier to find a specific place.

We've made it easy to learn how. Watch 'How To' movies and tutorials while you are using the software.


The features and functions shown above come with the Heritage Collector System.









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The Heritage Collector System

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