LifeStory Productions, Inc. is a privately held Utah corporation in business since 1994. We are committed to help others organize, preserve and share photos and stories. During the past nineteen years we have pioneered new technology while creating many associated products and services.

Many years ago we recognized the problem of labeling people in group photos. Photo captions proved to be a confusing and ineffective way to accurately identify everyone in a photo. Fortunately we had the vision to develop and use photo tagging or what we call photo "hotspots."  A few years ago we achieved another milestone when we made it possible for a photo to tell it's own story using the voices of the people in the photo.

Our software is so unique and innovative it was awarded a rare software patent.

Our latest 7.4 software version contains simplified GPS functions making it easy get GPS coordinates using the Internet.

A few months ago we released a free software update making it possible to share photos and information with family and friends via a free Internet Cloud. We want you to be able to use the latest technology to communicate positive family values to your children and grandchildren

We have invested significant time and resources into additional software development, templates, webinars, 'How To' tutorials, digital books, free newsletters, and customer support.

We are proud to be a small company which means we can move quickly in a world of changing technology. Many of our users tell us they were looking for a small company where they can receive personalized support. We know if you are successful we will also be successful!

We enjoy teaching live webinars because we get to know our users on a personal level. We welcome questions since this gives you a chance to interact with us. We appreciate feedback from you since this often results in new features and functions being added to our software.

We have users all over the world because you can purchase and download  our software and templates.

Marlo E. Schuldt
CEO / President
LifeStory Productions, Inc.
Please e-mail us at the following address If you need support or have questions:
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