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Watch the 'How To' video below or
scroll down to read the step-by-step instructions

Sharing Photos From Heritage Collector
To and From Family Tree

Just Got Real Easy!

an exciting feature in the new 7.5 version
1. Open Family Search and log into your account.

2. Go to the person's file you'd like to add photos to.

3. Click on the "Gray +" button (red circle) at the top to open the import window.

 Family Search Screen             Heritage Collector
4. Open Heritage Collector. It's easier to drag photos if you minimize Heritage Collector and Family Search so programs fit side by side on your monitor.

 Dragging images from Heritage Collector to Family Search

5. Left click to select images in Heritage Collector. The thumbnail will have a brown bar beneath the photo indicating they are selected.

6. In Heritage Collector, left click on the gray bar "Drag resources to Family Tree" at the bottom right of the display and drag to the green box with a "+" in it.
  7. The drag area will turn green. Release your left mouse button to drop the photos in the green area.
Dragging Photos from Family Search into Heritage Collector 
You can now get pictures from Family Search!

Left click and hold on the picture in Family Search. Drag the photo into a Heritage Collector collection and relese your left mouse button. The picture will appear in the collection.

* Please note:  Information about FamliySearch appearing on this page does represent an endorsement, affiliation or promotion of our software by FamilySearch.

The Dawn of a New Day in Family History!
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