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Summary of Basic GPS Features
Fun Ways to Use GPS
GPS Tagging
Finding and Preserving Special Places
Exploring, Traveling / Making a Geocache
Learning About GPS Devices
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GPS is not just for computer geeks and gurus. Learn about GPS and how you can benefit from this new technology. Best of all, you don't need a GPS device to use GPS Map Module in Heritage Collector to get coordinate.

Learn how to use the GPS navigator in your car to get GPS coordinates.

Create, print and share a GPS cemetery map in seconds!

GPS Summary
Topic Step-by-Step Tutorial Movie Application Newsletters
Summary of Basic GPS Features. Functions included in the GPS Maps module.
  • Learn how to get GPS coordinates from a GPS device.
  • Associate GPS coordinates with a grave or other family history location.
  • Automatically create GPS maps.
  • Create and share GPS Maps (PDFs).

Get GPS Coordinates / make maps and more,
Finding and Preserving Special Places. Combine and include family history in your next vacation.   Watch movies to learn to use the software
Find by GPS coordinates
Family History Vacation 
Fun Ways to Use GPS. Get your family more interested and engaged in learning and traveling to special places. Where in the World #1?
GPS Tagging.  A trip to Independence Rock and how we used GPS to tag and catalog some of the signatures scratched into this family landmark of western history. Do You Have a Rock in Your Family History?
Exploring, Traveling and Making a Geocache. Introduce your children and grandchildren to a new high-tech treasure hunt that uses space age technology. It’s called Geocaching and it’s fun. Family Geocache
Learning About GPS Devices. Using a handheld or car GPS to find and catalog family history sites can be loads of fun and educational for the kids. Using a GPS is almost like going on a treasure hunt for adults. I share three GPS stories -Finding my grandfather's dry farm, Grandpa's secret fishin' hole and how to find a springs where you can make an all natural pioneer soda drink that tastes just like 7-Up or Spite     GPS - The Ultimate Toy/a>
GPicSyn - a freeware program that embeds GPS coordinates into photos. Site Download Link    

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