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  It's Time to Start Your History
Getting the Best Quality Photo Scans
A Unique Preservation Strategy
Finding Photo Information in the Future
Share Your History on CD/DVD

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Preparing, writing and printing a family history can be a very overwhelming task.

Creating a Family History

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It's Time to Start Your History. This newsletter offers simple recommendations and ideas to help you get started. This is a true story of the author of a personal history that beat the odds.

  Should You Write a History?
Getting the Best Quality Photo Scans. The photos used in your history will make the book more interesting and engaging. Proper scanning is absolutely critical to ensure the highest quality of the photos used in the book. Learn how to do it right the first time. Consider purchasing the "Creating a Family History" for detailed scanning information and scanning "How To "movies you can watch to make it easier to learn. Scanning Preparation

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A Unique Preservation Strategy. We've all worried about the best way to preserve and protect our family history. This newsletter will offer a simple and free way to preserve your family history.     The Preservation Paradox

Finding Photo Information in the Future. This newsletter focuses on a very critical issue – making sure your photos and information survive into the future which could be next week or a hundred years from now. Suggestions and simple things you should do now.

    Photo / Information Survivability
Share Your History on CD/DVD. In takes a few button clicks to create a Gift CD/ DVD perfect for sharing photos and information. You should include a self-running Gift CD/DVD with your printed history. The CD/DVD could have a narrative slide show to entice and introduce the recipient to read and study the history. The CD/DVD can also be uses as a backup archive for the book.      

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