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An Introduction

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How Will the FREE Standard version Help Me? What's the difference between the Standard version and Heritage Collector Suite? Click Here

The Standard version of Heritage Collector will help you organize ALL your photos and files. Soon you will be able to do many fun and exciting things once you have created collections and imported photos into the Standard version.

You can do all the following with the Standard version:

  • Import Photos.
  • Create Collections.
  • Organize photos within collections.
  • Add folders to organize collections.
  • Use Hotspots to identify people in a photo.
  • Enlarge and enhance photos.
  • Resize Photos.
  • Export photos and files.
  • Edit photo information.
  • Copy and move photos to different collections.
  • Printing options.
  • Basic Slideshow.
  • Add narrative to a slideshow.

The Standard version is a simplified version of Heritage Collector. It functions exactly the same as Heritage Collector Suite but provides fewer features, functions or modules.


Purchasing  Add-On modules allows you to do more. The Standard version may be easily upgraded to the Heritage Collector Suite version.

Learn more about Heritage Collector Suite. Take the five minute tour. Click here.

Is the Standard version time restricted?

No. It will never time out, restrict your use, limit access to your collections or photos you have imported. It will not take over you computer.

Does the Standard version have commercial adds or spyware?

No. You will not find commercials, spyware, cookies, nag screens, watermarks or other intrusive ways to sell, send or get information from you.

Is it really it free? What's the catch?

Yes. We want you to have our software without risk or pressure to purchase anything. There's no catch.
What are Add-On Modules?

You will be able to do more by purchasing the Add-On modules that meet your needs and nothing more. Three very popular add-ons are Storybook, Calendar. and GPS

Click here for more information.

Are Add-On modules expensive?

No. Modules range in price from $9.95 to $19.95. Purchase only the Add-Ons you want.

Is it easy to add a module?

Yes. Go to the Add-On module purchase page. Click on the order button, enter your information and click the Purchase button. You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours with download instructions. Double clicking on the download button will allow you automatically install the module into your version of Heritage Collector.

Click here to go to the Add-On Page.

Are updates Free?

Yes. Updates are simple to install.

Click the Help menu and select 'Check for Updates.' This will indicate if an update is available for download. Clicking the Install button automatically updates your software version.

How do I get customer support?

Support is limited since the Standard version is free. You will have free access to our internet tutorials and 'How To' movies. You can download and install over 20 'How To' movies to help you learn about many of the features and functions.

Click here to view our on-line tutorials.

What's the easiest way to start?

Let our tutor give you a head start. You don't need have to have everything organized!  Nothing to pressure you such as preparation, presorting or organization is necessary to begin.

Click here to learn how you can get started in 10 minutes.

The program is very flexible and forgiving if you want or need to make changes later.

Do you teach classes and Webinars?

Yes. We teach classes at family history conventions. We also present free webinars about Heritage Collector and the Add-On modules.

Click here to view our webinar schedule.

 Family History Convention Schedule. Click here

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