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 You will probably survive the next Fire, Flood, Tornado or Earthquake.

 Your photos and family history information
 will probably NOT survive and be lost forever!

Heritage Collector
Archive and Backup Systems

The Archive and Backup System come with Heritage Collector Suite


The Archive System will help you: 

  • Save hard drive space by moving selected collections off your computer to archive CD/DVDs.
  •  Search archived CD/DVDs to find any photo or file in seconds.
  • Archive search results instructs you which CD/DVD to insert to display or access the desired file(s).
  • Print CD/DVD inserts listing the collections archived on the CD/DVDs

You can also make copies of your archived collections as another backup to be stored in other safe and secure locations.

All hard drives wear out or malfunction. It's just a matter of time.

Information loss may also be caused by a serious  computer virus attack.
The Backup System will help you: 
  • Backup ALL your collections to CD/DVDs or an external hard drive.
  • Save time by backing up new or the collections that have changed. Takes just minutes instead of hours like other backup systems.
  • Print CD/DVD inserts listing the collections that have been backed up on CD/DVDs or hard drive for instant reference organizational purposes..
  • Automatically monitors and reports the status (out of date, not backed up or OK) of all collections.
  • Provides another way to make copies of your backups for storage in other secure locations.
  • When you purchase your next computer just use the "Restore from HD" option and all your collections will be automatically copied to your new computer.
  •  This function can also be used to restore collections to a new hard drive in the event of a hard drive crash or virus attack.

If your backup looks like this - it's time to start using the backup and archive system provided in Heritage Collector.

Don't forget, the archive system can free up extra space on your hard drive and you can still easily find and use your archived files and photos.


Additional Heritage Collector Features

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