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What's New In Family History?
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Creating Your Own High Definition
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What's New?

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Learning to use a new software program can be challenging. Our FREE 'How To' movies and 'Step-by-Step tutorials make it easy to get started while learning about many new and exciting things.

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We live in a changing world of technology. Our informative newsletters and webinars will help you get the most out of your scanner, smart phone, GPS, the cloud and more.

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Family History

What is the Heritage Collector System?

  How it Works
Non-Technical Description

New Ways to Share Family History With Children, Grandchildren, and Relatives

Get Better Organized. It's not unusual to have photos and information scattered all over your computer. We can help you start by getting all your photos and information in one place. It will then be easier to find photos and start doing more with all your resources.

Overwhelmed by Computers? Our free "How To" videos and tutorials will guide you through each process. Refer to the "Get the Help You Need" section below to see samples of the free resources you will have access to.

Learn More - Take the Tour and Start Sharing!  The Tour will provide a brief introduction to many interesting things you can start doing. Short animations and brief content will help you realize how to make your family history more interesting using slide shows, personalized storybook pages, family calendars, GPS maps and more. There are several free ways to share your information using CD/DVDs, a cloud, and etc.

Meet Future Needs. Our users are surprised to discover what they will need in the future is already waiting for them to use. The advanced features and modules such as Storybook, Calendar, GPS, and Databases come installed with the software at no additional charge. Everything is designed to work together making it easier to accomplish new things in the future.

Trust and Experience. In a short time you will be ready to accomplish many outstanding things. We hope you will trust our years of experience to help you get started on "the right foot" so you can achieve many exciting things with your family.


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