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Free Webinars

The following free webinars are designed to help you learn about Heritage Collector.


Each webinar with introduce you to new ideas and show you how to use the new feature or function.


We will reference your user's manuals and provide some new "How To" videos to make it even easier to do new things.


Scroll for webinar information and click the sign up button or link. Hope to see you at our next webinar!




Heritage Collector For Beginners

Wednesday, June 14th 10:00 AM MDT

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  • Understanding the Main Interface.
  • Creating a collection.
  • Importing photos  (from a hard drive, USB, DVD or smartphone).
  • Moving (dragging) or changing the order of photos and files in a collection.
  • Importing into a Sort collection.
  • Moving photos and files from the Sort collection to other collections.
  • Moving photos to other collections.
  • Adding a caption and description to a photo or file.
  • Creating a folder.
  • Creating a subfolder.



Heritage Collector - Using Hotspots

Wednesday, June 21st 10:00 AM MDT

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  • What is a Hotspot?
  • Different Kinds of Hotspots.
  • Creating a Simple Hotspot.
  • Editing a Hotspot
  • Hotspot Shapes.
  • Hotspot Text, Color, Transparency, and Fonts.
  • Sharing Photos With Hotspots.
  • Talking Hotspots - Using Narrative.
  • Video Hotspots.
  • Using and Controlling Hotspots in a Slide show.
  • Adding Hotspots to Genealogy Documents



Heritage Collector - Creating / Sharing PDFs

Wednesday, June 28th 10:00 AM MDT

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  • What is a PDF?
  • Creating a PDF in Heritage Collector.
  • Selecting what will be in the PDF.
  • PDFs are an easy and excellent way to share photos and information.
  • Sharing a PDF.
  • Creating and Sharing a GPS / Map PDF.



Heritage Collector - Photo Enhancement

Wednesday, July 5th 10:00 AM MDT

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  • What's in the Enhancement Tool Set?
  • Rotating One or Several Photos.
  • Flip and Mirror.
  • Using the Enhancement Tools That Come With Heritage Collector.
  • Brightness and Contrast - The Tools I Use Most.
  • Automatic Photo Enhancement.
  • Color Enhance.
  • Cropping.
  • Using Other Enhancement Program With Heritage Collector.

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