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Actual photo of Marlo after a webinar! Just kidding but that is about how Kathleen and I often felt after we signed off the webinar

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Important Webinar Announcement
           (Where have we been?)

We have been embarrassed on several occasions with the inconsistent quality of our webinar presentations which was beyond our technical control. Therefore, I hesitated to make the recorded versions available because of the unprofessional quality and frankly it was very embarrassing to me personally - That's not how we do business!

We were so frustrated I canceled our subscription to the webinar service provider we have been using for over three years. Their support was outstanding but they couldn't seem to resolve the technical issues causing our problems and red faces.  Recently I tested another service that had promise but lacked in other important areas.

This week I contacted Citrix - Go To Meeting, who informed me they are in the process of revamping their entire delivery structure. We are now on a 30 day trial in hopes the technical issues have been resolved. They want to keep our business so much I have a direct link to support, we are now on their newest and fastest server running a version that has not been released. Even better, we can now stream video - audio and computer audio because we are on an advanced beta test version.

We will soon be posting our webinars for the rest of the year so you can make plans to attend each webinar and get prepared for all the family holidays coming up. Yes, we will record them, quality permitting, so you can still receive all the great information if you couldn't attend.

We so appreciate your understanding and patience with us as we've all struggled with this webinar experience, or live TV as I've called it on several occasions.

Best Wishes,

Please Note! The following is a draft webinar list. Now is the time to e-mail suggestions for webinars!!!
Click To Register  Date / Time Webinar Topic
October 2
7:00 PM MST
Getting Started With Heritage Collector -  Part 1
 Using the new 'How To' Movies.
Importing, creating collections and folders.
    Halloween Cards and Activities
    Getting Started With Heritage Collector - Part 2
Creating and sharing via a gift CD/DVD.
Sharing the Standard version on the Gift CD/DVD.
"Video Spots." A new way to add video to images and storybook pages.
October 2
7:00 PM MST
Getting Started With Heritage Collector - Part 3
Organizing Photos, Enhancement, Eliminating Duplicates
    Getting Started With Heritage Collector - GPS
Learn how to automatically create GPS maps with tags / pointers. Acquire GPS coordinates via smart phone, or car navigator. Manually find coordinates anywhere in the world using HC's 'Get GPS' option. Create and print GPS map. Print or share via PDF and more. This is a lot of fun and not hard.
    Storytelling & Sharing Short Movies
    The Magic and Fun of QR Codes
    Heirloom Cookbook
    Creating / Updating Your 2015 Calendar
    Learn how to create personalized Christmas Cards

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