The Heritage Collector System

A smartphone is usually with us which allows us to do many things:

  • Take photos of people, places, and documents.
  • Get GPS coordinates
  • Record audio
  • Shoot video
  • Scan QR codes
  • Use maps to navigate
  • Share via a cloud
  • Make phone calls


All the items listed above are also helpful for family history research and documentation.

Smartphone Options

Smartphone Uses

Taking Photos

The quality of smartphone photos has greatly improved during the past few years. It's easy to take photos since your phone goes wherever you go. Moving photos from your phone to collections in Heritage is both smart and easy allowing to protect your photos, make slide shows, storybook pages and more.

Take Family Group Photos

Genealogy Photos


Acquire Photo GPS

Phone GPS. Photos taken with a smartphone with the location setting turned on will save the GPS coordinates of the photo location within the photo file. The GPS module that comes with Heritage Collector can then display the photo and show the GPS tags on satellite maps. You can print and share maps via a paper print or PDF. This makes it easy to find graves, study the location of an old homestead, grandma and grandpa's old home, or places you have taken photos on a vacation.


Click here to learn more about GPS.

Tag and find places of interest to your family

Record Audio

Recording Stories. Image capturing, recording, and preserving the priceless stories that are shared around campfires, at a wedding, after a funeral, during a holiday such as Christmas, or other family gatherings. Your smartphone is the perfect way to record stories that may never to told a second time. Heritage Collector allows you to safeguard and catalog recordings while using them in slide shows, talking hot spots or to create a talking calendar.

Use an audio recording app

Storytelling around a campfire is a natural setting to Record stories as they are shared in a fun and relaxed manner.

Shoot Video

Video Stories and Events. Video is the only way to capture the first dance at a wedding, a babies first steps, a panoramic sweep of  an old family homestead, an interview with grandma, your child getting on the bus for their first day at school, a video narrative of the home and area where you grew up, or stories around the dinner table. Video can enhance a story easier to understand. Heritage Collector makes it easier  to move videos off your phone to save, access, share, and do more.


Click here to view a free newsletter about recording family videos.

Many interesting stories and histories need to be recorded at family reunions

Holidays and special occasions are a great time to record family stories

QR Code Interactivity

You've seen Quick Response Codes (QR) on lots of things. You can scan a code with your smartphone and do some pretty fun and amazing things:


  • Create talking calendars
  • Make storybook pages interactive
  • Add codes to greeting cards, family reunion flayers and much more.


Click here for more information about Heritage Collection can help you learn hot ot use QR Codes.

Use a smartphone to scan QR Codes on cards, flayers, calendars, and storybook pages to play narrative or movies on your phone..

Cloud Sharing

Share / Access Information on a Cloud. Move photos, PDFs, documents, video and audio files from a collection to a cloud that can be accessed by your phone.


This allows you to access and view information anywhere you take your phone.


Viewing of this information will greatly assist Family history research.

Use Heritage Collector to upload files to and from a cloud.



The features and functions shown above come with the Heritage Collector System.









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The Heritage Collector System

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