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Tom at TMCPLACE uses the latest technology to convert and safeguard ALL your old family media. TMC does not simply copy your media as others do, they go the extra step of DIGITAL ENHANCEMENT to ensure your media comes back at the highest quality possible. That's when the fun and sharing with your children and relatives begin. Even better, you can start combining your old movies and audio with photos, written histories, scrapbooks, and more.

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  •  Wear and TEAR. Each time you play and old move, watch an old VHS tape or listen to a tape it wears because the old tape or film has to run through a machine.
  • Drying Out.  All the media is getting more brittle each day because the chemicals top make the tape and film deteriorate over time. This is why old film and tape break unexpectedly.
  • Get Eaten. Old players get sticky from use over the years. It's not usual for a VHS to 'eat a tape' because it winds up around the little rubber wheel that pull the tape out of the cassette.
  • Deteriorate. The colors in old film start to fade and turn yellow with each passing day.
  • Memory Loss. As the older generation passes, the recognition information and names of the relatives in the movies are also lost forever.
  • Loss of Storage Location. As our family and relatives pass, the old media gets split up and goes with different members of the family. Retrieving the old family material becomes very difficult.

Get your media converted ASAP

It is very important for these reasons:

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(Tom has converted ALL our old family history materials - yes that's an endorsement from us of top notch work of Tom and TMC).

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The Heritage Collector System

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