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Free Calendar Template

2013 Sample Calendar 
 Quick Page Templates
for Heritage Collector Suite Version  7.3
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Calendar Webinar - Learn how to edit the free template.

Calendars make wonderful unique gifts to share with your family and friends. Heritage Collector makes it possible for you to create any type of calendar just in time for Christmas giving!

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This template requires Heritage Collector Version 7.3

This template will not work with older software versions including 5.0 (or older), 6.0, 6.2 and 7.2.

A free update is available for versions 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2.

Check Your Software Version.

  1. Open the Help menu in Heritage Collector and select About to see your software version.
  2. Select Check for Updates in the Help menu. Make sure you have the latest version of Heritage Collector and Calendar installed.
  3. Purchase a software upgrade if your version is older than 7.0. Click here for ordering information.


Download the Template

Download the InstallCalendar2013QPSampleTemplate install file. This is a is a 74 mg file. Please be patient.
Click here to start download
Installation Warning Messages.
You may see warning messages at the beginning of the download and install process if you are using the Windows Internet Explorer 9 browser. Your virus program may also display warning messages. This is normal for most downloads. The following link provides information about the warning messages and how to skip / proceed with the download. Click here for information.
Install the Download

After downloading the file as listed above, do the following:
a. Double click on the
file to start the install process.
b. The download will be automatically installed

Viewing the Templates

The download will be installed and listed in the Calendar Resources Templates folder.

Accessing the Templates

  1. Start Heritage Collector.
  2. Display the Share Toolbar or open the Book menu.
  3. Select the Calendar Module.
  4. Calendar module will appear. Select the Calendars menu.
  5. Click on Open to view your Calendars. (You can have several calendars).
  6. Select the 2013 Calendar 8.5x11 QP Calendar.
  7. Calendar Pages will appear in the page window.
  8. Left click on a page name to view and edit the page.
  9. Click save after working on a page.


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