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Next time - Take All Your Photos and Collections With You

But Leave Your Computer Home!
Heritage Collector is designed to install a duplicate copy of all your collections on any external hard drive.* New external hard drives are small and fit in a shirt pocket making it easy and convenient to take along on any trip.Plug the external drive into the USB port of a Windows computer and you are ready to run the program.Run Heritage Collector from the external drive just like you were using your home computer with all the same information.

Who are the people in this photo? Someone at the next reunion might know.


What You Can Do:
(All Heritage Collector functions are available)
  • Import photos.
  • Edit and add new information.
  • Run slide shows and presentations.
  • Burn and share CD/DVDs.
  • Print.
  • More.
Where You Can Share and Add Information:
  • Family Reunions.
  • Wedding Anniversaries.
  • Special Occasions.
  • Vacations.
  • Holidays.
  • Anywhere you have access to a computer.
Take your external hard drive to the next reunion or family gathering.  Someone there may be able to identify these people and even furnish some interesting stories about them.

* The external hard drive shown above is one of the new Western Digital Passport drives. Prices vary greatly, so shop around before you purchase an external hard drive.

Heritage Collector will install and work on any external hard drive.

Note: An external hard drive is not required to use Heritage Collector software.

When You Get Home:
  • Plug the drive into your computer.
  • Run Heritage Collector.
  • Select Tools / Sync.
  • New information and collections are copied into Heritage Collector on your home computer.





Additional Heritage Collector Features

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