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What is Heritage Collector Standard?
A Comparison - Standard vs. Heritage Collector Suite
Download Free Standard Heritage Collector Software
(A free version of Heritage Collector Standard software)
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What is the Standard Version?

The Standard version will help you organize, label, enhance and print your photos and information. Heritage Collector Standard will help you organize, label, add captions, create collections, print, and share information in new ways.

The following summary compares the differences between the Standard version and the Suite version of Heritage Collector

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Can I Share the Standard Version With Family and Friends?
Yes. Please send this download link to others so they can download and use the software.

How much does the Share version cost?
The Standard version is our gift to you and anyone who wants to use it.

What's the Catch? Is there advertising or spyware? Is it time restricted?
No catch, no spyware, no advertising and no time limitations. You can use the Standard version for as long as you want. The Standard version is not supported with advertising or spyware. It will not try to take over you system or force you to import photos. Just use it with our compliments and have fun!

Which Version is Best For You?   
Standard vs. Suite - A Version Comparison

Heritage Collector Standard
The purpose of this software is to get other members of your family and relatives started using the software. You will be able to start working together to share photos and information. Features and functions are listed in a comparison chart below.

Heritage Collector Suite
Our premium version. Heritage Collector Suite comes will ALL the modules and functions listed below. Your best value is to purchase the Suite instead of adding modules to the Standard version.

Comparison Chart  Heritage Collector Standard
 Suite Features
Standard Suite

This comparison lists the differences between the free Standard and the Suite version.

The Suite version includes all the modules listed below.

Modules may be purchased and added to the standard version.

 Heritage Collector Suite Information

Take the Guided Tour

New Family Information Manager Interface
Create Collections  
Import Files - Photos, Documents, PDF, Video, Audio
Hotspot Photo Labels  
Video Hotspots  
Drag and Drop  
Photo Enhancement  
Find Photo - Word, Phase, Date, GPS Location, Tags  
Simple Slide Show  
Copy / Move Photos  
Batch Flip, Rotate, Mirror Images  
"How To' Movies - Over 20 tutorial movies.  
 Add-On Modules  are included in  the Suite version.
Digital Family History Guidebook - 200 pages in PDF $19.95
Storybook $19.95
Calendar $19.95
Share $10.95  
GPS Maps $19.95  
Advanced Slide Show $10.95
Tools $19.95
Backup  $19.95    
Advanced  $10.95    
Total Cost   $152.55 $79.95


Click Here for Add-On Information

Note: Add-on modules contain a variety of helpful and associated features. For example the Tool Add-on module allows you to find and delete duplicate image files, run the program from a secondary install and synch files and folders, embed meta data, use different databases, and use different wallpaper.

Download Standard

 Scroll down for  software requirements and information.

How it

Purchase Information

Purchase the Suite version and Save
$72.60 instead buying modules separately.

Program System Requirements

Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8  (32 and 64 Bit)
MAC - with the Windows OS and Fusion, BootCamp, etc.

Drive Storage:
Hard Drive capacity depends on the number of photos imported.

External Hard Drive Installation:
May be installed and run from an external hard drive.
Click here for more information about external installs.

1 Download Heritage Collector Standard

Download the Heritage Collector Standard 8.0 install file. Download the Heritage Collector Standard 8.0 install file.

Click here to start download

Installation Warning Messages.
You may see warning messages at the beginning of the download and install process if you are using the Windows Internet Explorer 9 browser.
Click here for information.

 Downloads since 11/12/14 Hit Counter   
2. Install the Heritage Collector Standard Version
After downloading the file listed in step 1:
a. Save the download file for backup.
b. Double click on the  InstallHCStandardV8.exe to start the install process.
3. Download Manual (optional)

PLEASE NOTE: This is the full Heritage Collector Suite manual and contains ALL the program features and functions. The free version of Heritage Collector Standard does not contain all the features listed in the manual.

Right click here.

a. Select Save Target As.
b. Save the PDF file to your computer for reference.
Right click here to download the PDF manual. 4. Download the "How To" Movies (optional)
Click here to download and InstallHCHowTo6.exe after the file has finished downloading

The "How To" movies will be installed so you can access and view the tutorials from within Heritage Collector. Clicking on the "How" icon shown above. Please note: This is an 87mg download and will require the same amount of drive space
Get Started in 10 Minutes or Less

All the step-by-step instructions  you need to be up and running in 10 minutes or less.

Click here for instructions


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