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Sample Storybook Pages
  • Family History
  • Personalized Cards and Invitations
  • Family History Adventure
  • Reunion Flyer

  •   Storybook or Scrapbook. What's the Difference?
    Top Reasons Our Users Like Storybook
    An Inexpensive Way to Print
    Creating Storybook Pages is Easy
    Unrestricted Layouts
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     Family History Samples

    Photos and text of a story of the short life a young child.


    Enhanced Obituary - a perfect once page history of grandma - and it was quick and easy!


    A love story. The courtship, engagement, and marriage of mom and dad.



     Family History Adventures of a Growing Young Family

    Multimedia Enabled - Digital Version. Move cursor over photo - Hotspots play songs about 'BUGS" sung by the child on the page. This page may be printed.


    You Make Me Smile!
    A little poem celebrating the fun a joy of a young family.
    Saving and sharing the events of the last day of kindergarten.

    Remembering Mommy's Little Helper!

    The twins discover the fun of their first Halloween.

    Personalized Greeting Cards, Invitations in time for the holidays.
    Christmas Cards
    Birthday Party Invitation
    Family Reunion Announcement

    Scrapbook or Storybook?
    What's the Difference?
    Turn your scrapbook into a Storybook
      Traditional Scrapbook Heritage Collector Storybook  
      Scrapbook materials are expensive. Nothing is free. Much of it can only be used one. Free graphics, flourishes are available. "Digital" materials can be used over and over.  
      Difficult and expensive to share.
    'One of a Kind' Scrapbook - not shareable unless you want to recreate another scrapbook

    Easy and Inexpensive to share any storybook:
  • Print extra pages.
  • Free to share fiels -  PDF or JPG.
  • Share storybook pages on a Gift CD/DVD - free
    Expensive - one use per template.

  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple uses.
  • Make your own.
  • Greeting cards, invitations, recipes and much more.
  • Photo Modification
    - cutting and shaping destroys the original. Extra photos must be printed to avoid destroying the original
    Original photos are not used
    You can scan / copy the original photo for use in storybook pages
      Multimedia Capability - None

  • Slideshow
  • Talking Hotspots (tag)
  • Tells a story with photos and narrative.
  • Make your own
    Top Reasons Our Users Like Using Storybook      
    • It's fun to discover you can do some pretty great things and impress family and friends at the same time
    • It's' relatively easy to create some very elegant pages.
    • Use your own photos and graphics.
    • No restrictions on your creativity.
    • Storybook works with Heritage Collector making it easily find and organize your photos and graphic flourishes.
    • Can create any different things you can create - pages, cards, invitations, announcements, title pages, newsletters, and more.- pages, cards, invitations, announcements, title pages, newsletters, and more.
    • Use our Quick Page templates to make if easy and fast.
    • Webinars make it easy to learn and understand
    • Download free graphics and flourishes.
    • Create a slideshow of  storybook pages slideshow containing talking hotspots.


    A fun and inexpensive way to print and share family history
    • Create Elegant Pages.
    • Make and use your own backgrounds.
    • Unrestricted Layouts.
    • Save money by printing pages at your favorite printed facility.
    • Many pages sizes and configuration to use..
    • Different printing options.


    Creating Storybook Pages Is Easy
    • Drag photos from collections on to a storybook page. /li>
    • Select from different backgrounds or make your own.
    • Draw a box and type in a caption or description anywhere
    • Add frames and shadows to photos.
    • Pages can be used in collections and slideshows.
    • Share in a book or on a CD/DVD.


    Unrestricted Layouts
    • Unleash your creativity. /span>
    • No restrictive templates.
    • Design and create pages the way you want them to look.
    • Experiment and use your imagination.
    • Create fun and interesting pages to share pictures of cherished of heirlooms
    • Save money with a variety of printing options.








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