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Add Sound to Hot Spots
Use an External Hard Drive.
Speed Up Your Notebook
Increase the Life of Your Notebook Battery
Use Heritage Collector With a High DF TV
Use a Magnifier Mouse to Enlarge Your Display
Free Yourself With a Wireless Mouse

Heritage Collector makes it possible for a photo to interactively tell its own story by adding voices
to the photo.
Using sound with Heritage Collector will allow you to do many things:
  • Add sound to Hot Spots.
  • Add narrative to a slide show.
  • Select and Use Audio Equipment such as a microphone  or digital voice recorder.
  • Convert and enhance old tape recordings.
  • Step-by-Step instructions to set up your computer so you can connect and use a microphone or line-in (from cassette tape recorder) or other sound input device.
  • Tips for using Audacity sound editing software to record and edit sound files. This will be much easier than you think.
  • How to make and edit a script for your slide show.
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Learn to Use Sound. Adding sound to Hotspots enables a photo to tell a story in the words and voices of the people in the photo being viewed. Preserve the verbal personalities of your grandparents, parents, children and relatives. Narrating a slideshow adds interest and captures attention.
Using Sound

Use an External Hard Drive. Take All Your Photos and Collections With You - But Leave Your Computer Home! Run Heritage Collector from an external drive just like you were using your home computer with all the same information and program functions.

Take it With You

Speed Up Your Notebook Computer. You must read this if you are using a new laptop running Vista or Windows 7. This simple tip will show you how to make your laptop run much faster.

Speed Up Your Notebook

Save Your Battery. Most of us never take the battery out of our laptop and usually have the laptop plugged into the AC adapter. Find out how this shortens the life of your battery and what you can do to make the battery last longer.

Save Your Battery 

High DF TV. Using Heritage Collector With Your New High Definition TV. A New Way to Make Family History Informative and Fun - For ALL Ages

Using a High DF TV  
The Magnifier Mouse. Click a little button on your mouse and it will magically enlarge or magnify a portion of the screen. Makes it much easier to enlarge and view photos and documents or anything that is on your display. The only trick is getting the right mouse and I'll tell you how to do that.

Magnifier Mouse

Wireless Mouse. It’s time to give your mouse a long overdue checkup and good cleaning. Consider the advantages of getting a new wireless laser mouse. Makes a great present for the holidays.

This newsletter will be of special interest if you are purchasing a new big screen or plasma TV.

Wireless Mouse

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