1. Improve Your Scanning Skills - Easier Scanning


"How To" Videos - Twelve

Get Started
Just the Basics
Make Like New
Remove Patterns
Enlarge & Crop
Stop Bleed-Through
Take the Yellow Out
File Types To Use




Step-by-Step Instructional Tutorial - 16 pages

Scanning Checklist
Scanner Basics
Scanner Lid
Glass Scanning Bed
Computer Connections
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Installing Your Scanner
Moving Your Scanner
Match the DPI With the Desired Output

What is DPI?

Getting Consistent Scan Results

Scanning Sequence Summary
Do Not Use Automatic Buttons
Use the Correct Scanning Sequence
Epson Professional
Scanner Interface
HP Professional Scanner Interface

Special Purpose Scanning

Enlarging and Zooming In
Cropping an Image
Photo Zooming vs Cropping
Safeguarding Image Quality

Simple Scanning Tricks

Scanning Oversize (Large) Photos
Slides & Multiple Scans

Scanning and Printing

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