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Unlock the Secrets and Magic of Heritage Collector

Heritage Collector makes it easy to acquire, organize, find and share your photos and stories.

"It's easy when you know how!  Our goal is to teach you how.

This page  provides the help, support and the simplified 'How To' instructions you need.

You will also find great ideas and encouragement to inspire you to keep you going.

Please click one of the buttons or a link to access the following free resources

Please attend our weekly Free webinars.

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Visit our Heritage Collector YouTube Channel. We are building it for you! Please subscribe so you will get automatic updates whenever we release a new video.

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You can now drag, drop and share photos between Family Search and Heritage Collector.

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Click Here to Visit our Facebook page for our latest tips, suggestions and update notices. You can also drag and drop photos from Facebook into a Heritage Collector collection. Create your own Facebook Collection to safeguard, share, and use your photos new and exciting ways. Click here to watch a 'How To' video.

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  Do you have lots of pictures on Pinterest? Now you can drag and drop photos from Pinterest into Heritage Collector. It simple and quick. Now you can safeguard, share and do more with your photos. 

How To video coming soon! Please check back.
Expand your vision of all the fun things Heritage Collector makes possible. Visit our Heritage Collector Blog for FREE graphics, information and links to other helpful sites.

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Need a little more help with Heritage Collector? We have lots of little  'How To' videos that will get you over the rough patches!

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