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The Importance of Maps in Family History
50 States and World Maps

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The Importance of Maps
in Family History
By Holly Hansen

In genealogical research, maps provide details on where ancestors may have lived and where to look for written records about them.

Old and new maps can help you locate information about your family and with today’s technology you can overlay them using Google Earth to see where an area of 100 or more years ago may be located today.

Birth, marriage, death, land, property, and tax records are normally kept by county governments in the United States.
Over time, boundaries have changed and the names of cities and town change too. Using older maps and more current maps will help you pinpoint the locations where your ancestors lived. This will help you realize the correct county jurisdiction that was keeping records during the time period your ancestor may have lived there. In addition, you will familiarize yourself with the surrounding government jurisdictions (townships, counties, states, etc.), that may also hold records of interest on unknown family members and other persons of interest.

Remember, a person could have actually lived in the same home all their adult life and have been recorded in multiple counties because of boundary changes. NOT, because they moved their house around.
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