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Today's New Family History

It's Fun to Use Smart Phones, Digital Cameras, Video Recorders, GPS, Interactive Storybooks, Full Multimedia, and the Cloud to Create and Share Your History.

Heritage Collector Suite comes with a Storybook and Calendar modules. Create personalized Storybooks, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Cookbooks and more. Make Your Creations Interactive and more interesting.

Storybook Module. Add a dash of family history to your storybooks and creations. Make and use your own photos and backgrounds. Save money by printing at your favorite print facility. We offer unrestricted layouts. Storybooks are a fun way to preserve and share family history for all ages. You can use many different page sizes and configurations.

Calendar Module. Create personalized calendars for your children, family and relatives. Calendars may be created and personalized using a template or your own unique format. Use your own photos for calendar tops. Add birth dates and photos. Save time and money by printing your calendar at home or at a print facility.

Record Your Travel Experiences, Discoveries and Holidays

Just think how much fun it would be to add video to your storybook pages!

 HALLOWEEN!      Don't forget to get those great Halloween shots and then make cards! Halloween Card Templates

It's convenient and easy to use your smart phone or video camera to get the video and photos of your family having fun. Then you can put photos and videos on storybook pages to preserve and relive the memories!

Don't stress! It's easy to learn how to add the photos and video to your storybook pages using our step-by-step tutorials



Create Your 2015 Personalized Family Calendar

Purchase 2014  Calendar Template




You will be amazed at how interested your children will become as they study your calendar. Why? Because some of the calendar will be about them and their family.

Maybe you've always wanted to create a calendar but were reluctant to take the plunge. You may have seen other calendar programs but wanted more control. We can help you create a calendar that is perfect for your family. Our advanced users have learned to make a calendars that talks using your smart phone. We have calendar templates and teach calendar webinars.



Share Your Family Tradition Cookbook at Thanksgiving

Cook or bake exactly the same way grandma did. Following her recipes will make it taste just as you remember it on Thanksgiving, your birthday, Christmas or other special occasions.

 Heirloom Cookbook Templates

Teach and share these memories with your children and relatives.



  Interactive  Storybooks Get the Interest of Children

Create 'Talking' story book pages. Children love to see and hear stories about them and their family on a computer.

This storybook page is interactive. When the cursor is moved over the picture of the little girl, you will hear her sing a song she made up about bugs.


Storybook Template Information

  Mom used her smart photo to record her daughter singing. The audio file was associated with the storybook page which made the page interactive and more interesting.

Nervous about using technology? Our tutorials and  webinars will show you how to record sound, import it to your computer and create these kinds of interactive pages.


Share Photos and Stories With Grandma and Grandpa

Storybook Card Templates

Just imagine how fun it would be to make and share personalized birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day and Valentine cards. 

Need a little help with your creativity? We have templates that will help you create beautiful and fun cards.

Storybook Template Information


Baby Book - It's time to get those photos into a book!

Baby books are an important glimpse into the sweet memories of the past.

Create a timeless Christmas preasant this year or make their next birthday one to remember for years to come!

Our baby book template can make it quick and easy for you.

Baby Book Templates

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