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Learn to Use New Things

Let us show you how to use and take advantage of  the latest technology.

Learn How to Get the Best Quality Out of Your Scanner

The 200 page PDF, Digital Family History Guidebook comes installed with Heritage Collector Suite. Refer to chapter 2, "Easier Scanning" for tips and step-by-step instructions to learn how to get the best possible scans even with an old scanner.

 A Smart Phone . . .
Using and Getting Started


We've made it easy to learn about the fun and exciting things you can do with a smart phone.

 Learn About GPS and Have Fun

GPS makes everything more interesting. Learn how you can use GPS to enhance your stories and experiences.

Family History Geography. Click here.
A GPS Bucket List. Click here.
Grandma makes pioneer soda pop? Click here
Take a family History Vacation.
Click here

 The Big Screen Experience

Instead of crowding around your computer monitor, show your photos, information and history on your big screen TV! Click here to learn how

Free Newsletters

Learn even more. Go to our newsletter page. Click here.

Digital Preservation of Your Memories

The MultiMedia Centers provide a personalized service for all your multimedia needs! "Preserving Your Memories Since 1973" With over 30 years of experience,

We can convert and enhance old movies, VHS, and audio tapes to the latest digital formats. Scan photos and slides. Click here to learn more

Love Family History? Visit us to hear amazing family history stories and to learn the latest advances in family History.

 Click here to listen and learn more



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