Context Tells the Whole Story
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Family history can be more than collecting names, dates and filling folders with old photos.

We begin to understand the world of our ancestors by studying the context of their experiences.

The Olsen brother's 33 horse harvester cutting wheat on the Martin Flat dry farm - circa 1895.

This interesting old photo represents one of the triumphs of the Olsen brothers as they worked to tame a small part of the wild west. To get a "feel" for their accomplishments, we need to see where they lived, study other old photos of the farm, zoom in on the 1890 homesteading document signed by President Benjamin Harrison, read accounts written in their own words, edit or add new information about the farm, and view a 1960's video clip of 80 year old T.E. Olsen steering the old harvester for the last time. Nothing can replace reading or hearing grandpa tell his favorite fishing story in his own words on a little stream near his farm. Getting the attention of the younger generation is easy when they are invited to view a short video clip of a modern harvester cutting grain on the same farm in 2004.

Heritage Collector can make this possible by allowing you to create, use and share mixed media collections as shown below.

Advantages of Mixed Media Collections

  • Multi-Purpose Collections.  A collection may consist of photos or a combination of different file types
  • Topical Collections. All of the files in a collection now stay in context. For example, the sample collection of the Martin Flat Dry Farm shown above contains Word files discussing the homesteading lifestyle, maps detailing location of the farm, several photos of farm activites, stock certificates and one vintage 1960's video clip and a 2004 video clip of modern wheat harvesting on the farm.
  • Instant Access. Double clicking a thumbnail opens, displays or runs the file. Document files open so you can add or edit information. Image files open full screen. Sound and video clips automatically play.
  • Complete Flexibility. Collections may contain many kinds of file groupings.


Additional Heritage Collector Features

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