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 Maps and GPS Coordinates Make History Tangible

Topographical maps and the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates can pinpoint an exact location to within a few feet. Enrich your family history by adding maps and coordinates for the following locations.

  • Grandpa's old farm
  • Home where you grew up
  • Burial markers of family and relatives
  • Pioneer and Historical landmarks
  • Exact location where photos were taken
  • Vacation points of interest
  • Favorite camping and fishing spots you visited when you were young

Using Hot Spots With Maps 

The following screen capture demonstrates how a topographical map can be enhanced using a hot spot containing the name of the farm (Martin Flat Dry Farm) and a thumbnail of the little homestead house the family lived in while homesteading. Hot Spot Click Here for more information

Tip: Maps, satellite images and GPS coordinates may be freely captured and downloaded for use in Heritage Collector.


Enlarged view of the GPS location coordinates for 1890's family homestead located out in the middle of a modern day a cow pasture.

Clicking the GPS Locate Button will allow you to display the location using satellite margay from NASA WorldWind or Google Earth.

Note: Heritage Collector is not associated with NASA or Google Earth.
Google is a trademark of Google Corp.


Additional Heritage Collector Features

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