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Family history should not be all serious work!
Here are a few other fun things Heritage Collector will help you achieve.

Slide Shows
Family History Information
Self-Running CD/DVDs

 Add digital media to a book. Share one-of-a-kind photos. Easily share collections on CD/DVDManage and share photos from digital cameras.

Different techniques
make stories more interesting and flexible
Everyday objects magically appear as story plays.Talking hot spots tell story in the voices of others.Teach the family about the 33 horse harvester and grandpa's homesteading.
   Family History Scrapbooking    

Something New and Different. Make your own backgrounds. Send a self-running CD/DVD with a scrapbook that can talk and tell its own story.
 Take photos of special objects and toys.  Photos of Grandma in 1885 Remembering the Yellowstone Trip 
   The Big Screen HD TV Experience  

Plug your laptop or network into your HD TV or Big Screen and let the magic begin. Forget making DVDs. Run a slideshow form Heritage Collector.

(See the registered users web site and newsletter for instrucitons).
   Finally the whole family can see and share together! 

The Digital Family Guidebook
 Registered Users Newsletter / Web Site

Get and the resources and help you need to accomplish these and many more family history projects.

   All these projects and more are contained in the Guidebook and Users Web Site. 



Additional Heritage Collector Features

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