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Does it take you hours to find a photo?

Is your filing system getting too big to use?

Long photo file names are confusing and hard to organize.

Are you having difficulty searching down through file folders?

It's almost impossible to find a photo searching through stacks of CD and DVDs. 

Heritage Collector's patented software makes it fast and easy to find ANY file in any collection.
  Select a Search Option 2 Click Find   3  Photos and Files Appear in Seconds

The search function is powerful enough to find any file quickly. Best of all, it's easy enough for a beginner to understand and use. Here's the way the search function works:
  1. Click the Search button.
  2. Select the kind of search you would like to use, i.e., words and phrases, characteristics and tags, dates / date range, photo caption, description or hot spot or GPS coordinates,
  3. Type in a word, phrase or date range and click Search.
  4. Results will appear in a few seconds.
  5. Double click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo view, access a file or to copy files to a different folder or collection.

You can also do an Archive Search.

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  Double click on the thumbnail to instantly view the image or to open a file. 
Is Heritage Collector really that fast?

Our test XP Windows computer contains 247 collections that use 24.1 gigabytes of hard drive space. (You read correctly that is gigabytes and not megabytes)

A standard search usually takes 8 seconds or less.

For example. In one search we typed in the first name of a spouse and clicked search. It went through all 247 collections and found 147 thumbnails of photos, video clips and text documents in 7.5 seconds.

Your time is too valuable to be wasted opening folders, files and looking through stacks of CD/DVDs for a special photo or file.

Let Heritage Collector help save your sanity and time.


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