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Heritage Collector Makes Organization Fast and Easy


It's time to move your photos and family history from drawers, boxes, and CD/DVDs into your computer.

Heritage Collector can help find and organize photos
scattered all over your hard drive. 

  Create a Collection  Add Files to a Collection  Edit Information

  1. Select "Create Collection" from menu.
  2. Type in a name. Collection names can be changed later.
  3. Select a Collection Group.
  4. Click Save.

The collection is now ready to receive photos and different kinds of files.





  1. Click the Import button to copy photos.
  2. Select a source - folder on hard drive, CD, camera, etc.
  3. Select one or all the thumbnails.
  4. Enter a caption, description or other information.
  5. Select a collection to receive the new photos and click Save.

Click the scanner icon to scan and add photos to collections.

This is a painless and easy way to become organized. You will become more organized as photos and files are added to collections.


  1. Select a collection.
  2. Right click on a thumbnail.
  3. Select Edit Info.
  4. Add or edit information.
  5. Click Save.

It is not unusual to find additional information once a photo has been added to a collection. The Edit Info function makes it very easy and fast to update information at any time.



Additional Heritage Collector Features

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