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Heritage Collector Suite provides the kind of help and information you need to succeed with a variety of difficult family history projects.  
Just Getting Started?

Heritage Collector makes it easy to begin. Photos stored in faded albums and rusty old trunks need to be rescued, scanned, identified and archived. Heritage Collector Suite will guide you through each step by providing the help and information you need.

Already Have 1,000's of Photos? 

Heritage Collector's flexible and personalized format makes it easy to import and organize photos into collections from a scanner, digital camera, CD/DVDs or other source. It's time to take your family history collection to a higher level of excellence and permanence.

  1    Multimedia Collections


  5    Fun Things

Organize family history files into special purpose "Collections." Each collection may contain a special mix of photos, text documents, audio files, video clips and more. Now you can create collections that emphasize a theme. For example. A collection about your grandfather might contain many photos, special documents, audio files of grandpa speaking, maps of where the farm was located, video clips and other types of document files (PDP, text, PowerPoint and more).  Make family history fun again.  Create multimedia collections for special events. Add talking hot spots to bring your photos to life. Use the voices of the people in the photo to tell their own stories. Use the included scrapbook program to express yourself and share your family legacy in printed and CD/DVD formats. Many printing options provide you with added flexibility and save money.  

  2     Finding Photos and Files


  6    Digital Family History Guidebook

Finding a specific photo or file can take hours. It can still take a lone time to find a file even if your files and folders are well organized. Typically any file in a collection will be found in 8 seconds or less.  Type in a word and click the Find button. Best of all, it's easy enough for a beginner to understand and use.The "Guidebook" is full of helpful hints and step-by-step instructions. Many topics are covered, i.e., scanning, using sound, storytelling, GPS, preparing a book and much more. The Digital Family History Guidebook come installed free in PDF format with Heritage Collector Suite

  3    Hot Spots & Photo Indexing


  7    Sharing

Hot spots make it easy to identify everyone in a group photo. Pass your mouse over a photo and watch the names appear. You will be surprised how easily hot spots are created. Hot spots can talk and be used to create photo stories.Share slide shows and collections. Just select the slide shows or collections from a list and click the Burn CD/DVD button. In two or three minutes you will have a self-running CD/DVD perfect for sharing. You can also e-mail photos from collections.  

  4    Preservation, Saving Disk Space & Backing Up


   8   Geography and Location

Save hard drive space by archiving collections to CD/DVDs. Archived collections are searchable allowing you to quickly find any file. The program tells you which archive CD/DVD to insert. The automated backup system preserves and protects all collections by making backup copies  to CD/DVDs or an external hard drive. The backup system is fast and easy to use.

Enrich your family history by adding topographical maps, satellite image captures and GPS coordinates to photos and files stored in collections. Geographic information makes it much easier for anyone to travel and visit the exact location. Geographic information makes historical content more tangible. It's simple to add this kind of information to your collections.

User Guide - The Big Picture of Heritage Collector Suite

Perfect for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Users.

  • Create personalized collections. Add or update collections at any time.
  • Archiving collections saves hard drive space.
  • Archive search finds file by telling you the correct CD/DVD to insert.
  • Hot spots are fun and easy to create making photo identification more accurate.
  • The 200 page Digital Family History Guidebook make family history projects easier.
  • Sharing collections and slide shows is easy. Clicking a couple of buttons is all you need to do.
  • Find any photo in seconds.

Additional Heritage Collector Features

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