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Table of Contents (Nine Chapters)

  1. Where to Begin
  2. Easier Scanning
  3. Working With Sound
  4. Digital Cameras, Video and GPS
  5. Digital Scrapbook
  6. Interactive Storytelling
  7. Creating a Bound History
  8. Preservation and Archiving
  9. Understanding Your computer

Additional Features

Tips & Shortcuts.
Things to Avoid.

Step-by-Step Instructions.
Searchable in PDF format.
Full Color Pages.


What Others are Saying About the Guidebook


  The Guidebook Lays Flat
Our user like to write on notes on the pages. They also like a books that lays flat so it's easier to use while working at a computer


Chapter 8 - Archiving and Preserving. Proper Care and Handling of CD/DVDs. pages 182-183 shown above.

  Lots of Screen Captures and Graphics

The Digital Family History Guidebook is easy to read and understand. Many photos and screen shots help walk you through each step of the process you are learning about.


Chapter 2 - Easier Scanning. Cropping samples. Page 40-41 shown above.

  The Guidebook Helps in Many Ways

The Guidebook provides screen captures and instructions in a "1-2-3" recipe format. This will make it much easier to understand and follow instructions when you are learning new things.








Great Tips, Suggestions and Shortcuts

The Guidebook is full of new tips and simple suggestions to make it easier for you to save time, money and frustration. 






Avoid Costly Mistakes!

 Marlo's Mine Fieldss

The Guidebook provides valuable information and warnings to help you avoid costly mistakes. These little warnings are called "" and are included throughout the Guidebook.




Warning signs help keep you out of trouble!





This "Mine Field" warns you about how a static "shock" can actually ruin your computer or one of the devices attached to your computer.

  Chapter 1  Where to Begin

Are you frustrated trying to determine the best place to start organizing all your family history photos and files? The Guidebook will provide you with some easy and logical ways to get started.

Doing it right the first time will save time, money and frustration later


  Chapter 2  Easier Scanning

The importance of good scanning cannot be overemphasized!

Quality scans make a big difference when printing or zooming in on photos later. Step-by-step instructions are included such as the five most important steps to a great scan and more.

  • Scanner Basics
  • The Scanning Minefield
  • What is DPI?
  • Getting Consistent Scan Results
  • Special Purpose Scanning
  • Slide Scanning
  • Enlarging and Zooming
  • Cropping
  • What Photo File to Use?
  • Why You Should Not Use JPG Files
  • Simple Scanning Tricks
  • Scanning and Printing

Order "Creating a Family History" if you are only interested in scanning. This program contain the same chapter on scanning and 16 "How To" video tutorials and more. Click here for more information.



  Chapter 3 Using Sound and Narration

Using sound is easier than you think. All you need is an inexpensive microphone or a cable to attached to your cassette recorder and computer. You will then be able to make narrative or convert your tapes.

  • Learn how to set up your computer to use a microphone or line in
  • Record and create Oral histories
  • Make a sound track for a slide show
  • Copy and convert old cassette tapes
  • Download FREE sound editing software
  • Learn to edit sound files
  • Which are the best sound files to use?


  Chapter 4  Digital Cameras, Video and GPS

Learn the basics about cameras, video and GPS

  • Managing and finding your photos
  • Tips for buying a new camera
  • Old Home Movies do's,& don'ts
  • Read this before converting old movies to a DVD
  • Why You Need to Start Using GPS
  • New and fun things you can do
  • Free software links
  • Adding screen captures of satellite mages is both fun and adds realism to family history
  • What Photo File to Use?

Chapter 5  Digital Scrapbooking

A different perspective about how to take advantage of new technology and samples of how to create digital scrapbooks. Something new and very different from traditional scrapbooking.

Chapter 6  Interactive Storytelling

Stories are a real treat and the spice of life. This chapter offers some excellent suggestions that will help you put new life into old stories.

  • Discover some new ways to tell stories and make them more interesting
  • Learn to use mixed media collections
  • How to organize ALL your materials
  • The Guidebook will show you how to make your file collections more useful and organized
  • Simple Scanning Tricks
  • Scanning and Printing

Chapter 7  Creating a Bound History

Lean about each step required to create a beautiful history or biography. Checklists and simplified instructions will make it easy.

  • Preparation Guides and Checklists
  • Image Scanning Recommendations
  • Page Formatting Guides
  • Paper Quality and Weight
  • The Importance of Paper Grain
  • Save Money on Color Printing
  • Binding Considerations
  • Writing Tips and Suggestions
  • Multimedia Introduction

PLEASE do yourself a big favor and read this chapter before proceeding with your book.. Learn ways to save time and money..Do it correctly BEFORE you print your next book.


Order "Creating a Family History" if you are only interested Binding, formatting and scanning. Click here for more information.





What's Paper Grain?

Have you even opened a book that resisted staying open? Have you seen a book with a broken or cracked spine? These are few of the symptoms of a book that has been printed and bound with the paper grain running in the wrong direction. There is much more you need to know.


  Chapter 8  Preserving and Archiving

Ways to find and protect your treasures while saving hard drive space.

Don't wait until you have a hard drive crash or a virus attacks your computer.




Chapter 9  Understanding Your Computer

Basic computer and hardware terminology is explained in everyday terms.

If you are gong to buy a new computer you need to read this chapter first.

Suggestions for maintaining your computer.


What Others are Saying About the Guidebook
Reg Farnsworth writes . . .

“I’m relatively a new user to Pro-Media Suite and an avid amateur photographer and genealogist. I must say Heritage Collector Pro exceeds all of my expectations.

Like you I’ve have searched for a program that would compliment my family history and organizing lots of photo’s. I’ve tried many different programs in the past, only to be disappointed in its performance and ease of function

It is without the slightest hesitation, I'd rate your software and handbook a five star plus (*****+).

The Guidebook is rock solid and chocked full of sound advice. Obviously, it speaks with the voice of experience. Anyone reading the mine field section of each chapter, would be rewarded in avoiding unexpected pitfalls, been there and done that too. It’s simply the best program on the market today. Was at first reluctant to try another program but, am so glad I did.

In just a short time after viewing the video’s in the basic program was up and running with ease. Highly recommend this marvelous program regardless f individual skills.

I’m positive other’s will not be disappointed either.
Happy and enthusiastic, thank you for the wonderful Software and Handbook."




Seth and Jessica Blatter write . . .

"The guidebook is a very useful resource. We were overwhelmed with knowing what accessories we needed to have to get ourselves started, but we used the guidebook through that whole process and are very pleased with the outcome. We can't say thank you enough. We absolutely love it!"

Sondra Buckwalter writes . . .

"When the Guidebook came out I was really excited because it actually teaches step by step what to do and what not to do in preserving photos, sound bites, videos etc. It is so simply written with graphic aids, how can anyone go wrong! It is the best teaching tool I have found to help even the most computer challenged individual to have success. It’s worth it’s weight in gold."


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